Running gulp without installing it globally

Gulp vs. package.json

While considering whether or not to migrate my build-steps into package.json exclusively, I thought about the pros/cons around using a task-runner like gulp as opposed to managing everything through package.json and npm scripts.

Ultimately, the big selling points for me about using gulp is its configurability and its cross-platform support. I develop on a mac, yet a majority of our clients use windows machines. There are some issues with some of the npm scripts on windows. Additionally, when you only install gulp locally, you have complete control over which version is installed – which can be very important when delivering your code to clients.

One of the issues I’ve found with gulp is the necessity of globally installing another package. It adds another hurdle to setting up the dev environment, which while small, adds up. That said, I’ve recently come across a method for running gulp without having to install it globally.

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My git workflow

I’ve written and shared my git workflow a couple times, but only privately. I’ve been meaning to write more about it and share it publicly for some time now. This workflow has worked very well for me for the past year or so, but I am by no means a git expert. Take a look and let me know what you think. I’m always open to hearing about other peoples’ workflows and suggestions. So much to learn – I’ve only scratched the surface.

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Sublime Text 3 Wizardry (part 1)

Sublime Text Wizard
"Efficiency is the path to godliness"

I have fallen in love with Sublime Text 3. I use it every day. I wish I could calculate the number of keystrokes I have saved by using it. It would surely be an enormous number at this point! I’d like to share some of my favorite tips and tricks. I hope you find some of these useful.

This first posting will focus on establishing an efficient workflow within Sublime Text itself. This includes built-in functionality and a few plugins(packages) that really impact efficiency with getting around the editor.

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