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6_09 I bought a house!
My girlfriend and I just bought a house in Greenwood, WA! It needs some work. We've started a blog to document the renovations. Stop by and see what's in store. Our blog.
4_09 New website and new images
In just shy of 2 weeks, my new website design is completed. A new CSS layout is a welcome improvement over my previous table-based layout.
In addition new photos from my recent show are now available in the "sculpture" gallery.
3_28 New website design started
I have decided to refresh to look of MentalFabrications doing away with the tedious table layout for a much more elegant CSS layout.
3_18 "Considering the Future" SHOW DETAILS
I will be having a solo exhibition on April 2nd at BlankSpace Gallery
619 Western Ave. 2nd floor North. Seattle, WA
2_11 SHOW DETAILS and New Work added
My show at the Rebecca V Gallery will be opening on February 16, from 6-9PM. 3010 6th Ave., Tacoma, WA 98406